Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy governs the use of Voice of One Television ("the App") available on the Google Play Store and outlines how we handle user data to ensure transparency and protect user privacy.

1. No Access, Collection, Use, or Sharing of User Data: We want to reassure our users that the App does not access, collect, use, or share any personal or sensitive user data. We prioritise user privacy and uphold strict data protection standards.

2. Developer Information: Ngbede Barnabas Michael ( - As the developer of the App, I am committed to maintaining transparency and accountability. You can contact me directly for any privacy-related inquiries or concerns.

3. Privacy Point of Contact: For any questions or issues regarding privacy matters, please feel free to reach out to us at We value user feedback and are dedicated to addressing any privacy-related concerns promptly.

4. Disclosing Personal and Sensitive User Data: The App does not access, collect, use, or share any personal or sensitive user data with any parties. We do not engage in any practices that compromise user privacy or data security.

5. Secure Data Handling Procedures: Although the App does not handle user data, we maintain robust security measures to ensure the protection of any information transmitted through the App. We use encryption and secure protocols to safeguard user data and prevent unauthorised access.

6. Developer's Data Retention and Deletion Policy: Given that the App does not collect or store any user data, there is no need for a data retention or deletion policy. Any data that may be temporarily cached during app usage is automatically deleted once the App is closed, ensuring user privacy and data minimization.

7. Clear Labelling as a Privacy Policy: This document serves as the official privacy policy for the App and is clearly labelled as such to provide transparency and meet regulatory requirements.

By using the App, you agree to the terms outlined in this Privacy Policy, which is designed to protect your privacy and ensure a secure and transparent user experience.

Last updated: 9th April, 2024. Please note that this Privacy Policy may be subject to periodic updates. Any changes will be reflected in this document, and users will be notified accordingly.

Thank you for choosing Voice of One Television. We appreciate your trust in our commitment to user privacy and data protection.